Russia's eyes on the Muslim world, are busy bringing America's friend closer to Iran


Bahrain-Iran relations: Russia can once again become the mediator of friendship between two Muslim countries. Bahrain's King Hamad bin Isa, who is visiting Russia, has hinted at restoring relations with Iran. Relations between Iran and Bahrain have been deteriorating for many years and the reason for this is Saudi Arabia.

Bahrain's King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa met President Vladimir Putin on Thursday during his two-day visit to Russia. In this meeting, both the leaders discussed many issues, apart from this, the leaders agreed to strengthen trade and diplomatic relations between the two countries. After meeting Putin, the King of Bahrain has expressed his desire to improve relations with Iran also.

Bahrain's government news agency has reported that during a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow, King Hamad said that there is no reason not to restore diplomatic relations between Bahrain and Iran. Bahrain ended its relations with Iran after the attack on the Saudi Embassy in Tehran in 2016. King has now again hinted at restoring relations with Iran.

Bahrain's closeness to America and dispute with Iran

The enmity between Iran and America is not hidden from anyone. Bahrain is a small country but is very important in terms of its geographical location. The US Navy's 5th Fleet is also stationed in Bahrain and the Kingdom's policies have long been supported by the US and Britain. In recent days, there have also been reports of Bahrain's land being used in the action of US coalition forces in the Red Sea against the Houthis.

Talking about relations between Iran and Bahrain, Bahrain has long been accusing Iran of inciting the country's Shia population against the Sunni government. In 2011, the demonstrations in Bahrain during the Arab Spring were brutally crushed by the monarchy. Later, Iran was also partly accused of instigating these demonstrations.

Regional tension is bringing Muslim countries closer

During his talks with Putin, the Bahraini king said, “The Arab world fully agrees on the need to hold a peace conference on the Middle East issue,” adding that “the Arab summit was the first to call for an end to the Gaza war. Consensus has been seen many times in Arab countries.” King Hamad also said that Russia can play a big role in bringing peace to the Middle East. King further said, “The first country I would look to to start peace talks in Gaza is Russia.”

Gazans standing over the debris after Israel's bombing.

Russia is growing closer to Muslim countries

After the Ukraine war, most Western countries have distanced themselves from Russia. Russia already has good relations with China, Iran, and North Korea. But to counter the growing threat and burden of sanctions on the country, Russia is turning to Islamic countries. In the last few years, Russia's foreign policy has been inclined towards Islamic countries.

Recently, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov participated in the meeting of the ‘Russian-Islamic World Strategic Vision Group’ along with ambassadors of OIC member countries. At the meeting, Lavrov said that Russia stands with Islamic countries, and strengthening them is one of the constant priorities of Russian foreign policy. Lavrov also said that it is the country's right to decide the path of political, social, and economic development and it is not right for any outside power to interfere in it.

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