Russia Ukraine War: This organization of 32 countries came forward to help Ukraine, and sent army to surround Russia


Russia-Ukraine War: The Russia-Ukraine war can now spread beyond two countries and spread among many big countries of the world. Russia's Defense Minister has stated that NATO has deployed 123,000 soldiers on the border of Russia.

The Russia-Ukraine war is getting worse as it enters its third year. Till now, Western countries and the NATO alliance were helping Ukraine from behind, but now NATO has started openly confronting Russia. NATO army has increased its military presence on the border of Russia. A face-to-face confrontation between Russia and NATO can start at any time. Regarding which the Russian Defense Minister has also given a big statement. According to the Defense Minister, 123,000 NATO soldiers are present on the Russian border.

Seeing the danger, Russia has also completed its preparations. To face the challenge of NATO, Moscow and Saint Petersburg areas are also being developed as military districts. So that any emergency can be dealt with easily. Recently, NATO members France and Germany have conducted war exercises in Lithuania.

NATO army came closer to Russia

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Soigu said in his statement that 33,000 NATO soldiers, 300 tanks, and 800 armored vehicles are deployed on the country's border. Whereas 90,000 NATO soldiers have come to Lithuania in the name of exercises with various types of modern weapons. He also informed that we have created a military district in Leningrad, St. Petersburg to deal with any threat from NATO.

Arms sent to Petersburg

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Soigu also said that 7000 weapons have been sent to the Leningrad-Saint Petersburg area. Apart from this, 2400 modern weapons have also been deployed in Moscow, the capital of Russia.

America's help to Ukraine

The US House of Representatives has passed a resolution providing $61 billion in aid to Ukraine. After which many Democrats celebrated in the House and waved Ukrainian flags. This assistance will directly help the Ukrainian Army fight the war against Russia.

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