Russia Signals Desire for Peace with Ukraine, Putin Outlines Condition


Russian President Vladimir Putin has expressed a shift in stance regarding the conflict with Ukraine, indicating a willingness to pursue peace. Putin, who recently assumed office for the fifth time, reiterated this sentiment ahead of his trip to China. In an interview, he emphasized the importance of establishing lasting peace with Ukraine and expressed readiness to engage in discussions for a peaceful resolution, albeit with a condition.

Putin highlighted that Russia has never declined talks with Ukraine but stressed that any negotiations must consider the interests of all involved parties in the conflict. He commended Beijing's efforts in proposing a Russia-Ukraine ceasefire last year, emphasizing the need to address Russia's concerns in achieving lasting peace.

Blaming the West for exacerbating tensions, Putin accused Western nations of supporting Kiev and imposing unjust sanctions on Russia, alleging that they turn a blind eye to Ukraine-backed attacks on Russia while condemning Russia's actions. He criticized the West for promoting Nazism and accused Ukraine of violating agreements by persisting with the conflict after Moscow withdrew its forces from Kiev.

Amid Putin's overtures for peace, British Defense Secretary Grant Shapps voiced opposition to peace talks that involve concessions to Russia. Shapps emphasized Britain's stance against any agreements perceived as favorable to Russia in discussions with Ukraine.