Russia hits back at Britain, Defense attaché expelled from Moscow


Britain has had an uneasy relationship with Russia for years, accusing its agents of assassinations and espionage. Which also includes cyber attacks on British MPs and the leaking of sensitive information.

Russia hits back at Britain, expels defense attache from Moscow

Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Britain expelled the Russian defense attache earlier this month over spying allegations. In response to London's decision, Russia on Thursday expelled Britain's defense attache Adrian Coghill from Moscow.

Let us tell you that on May 8, Russia's defense attaché in Britain was expelled, who was accused of being a spy, and diplomatic status was removed from the Seacox Heath property and the Russian Embassy. Britain also imposed new restrictions on Russian diplomatic visas, including the length of time diplomats can spend in the country.

Action against defense attache Adrian Coghill

The ministry said the British diplomat was informed that Adrian Coghill, the defense attache at the UK Embassy in Moscow, is declared persona non grata. He will have to leave Russia within a week. The ministry said that our response to Britain's anti-Russian actions, which were announced on May 8, is not limited to this measure. Those instigating tensions will be informed about further response steps.

According to Al Jazeera's report, Britain's Defense Secretary Grant Shapps described Russia's expulsion of Coghill as a move of desperation. Shapps said that Russia's DA in Britain was working as a spy. He said Putin's only issue with us was that he had shown Britain's unwavering support for Ukraine.

Spying charges

The government said the move follows criminal cases in London alleging espionage by people working on behalf of Russia. It also alleged that the Russian government planned to sabotage military aid to Ukraine in Germany and Poland and to conduct cyber and disinformation activities to disrupt civilian air traffic, violate airspace, and jam GPS signals. Simultaneously spied in Bulgaria and Italy.

Britain and Russia relations

Britain has reportedly had an uneasy relationship with Russia for years, accusing its agents of targeted killings and espionage, including targeted cyber attacks on British MPs, and leaking and amplifying sensitive information to serve Russian interests. Is included. Britain has also imposed sanctions on hundreds of wealthy Russians and banned money laundering through London's property and financial markets after Russia sent troops to Ukraine.