Riots happened last year, now Pakistan has woken up… Army will investigate, know what the experts said


Now Pakistani Army has taken action on the riots after the arrest of Imran Khan. The Pakistan Army has agreed to form a judicial commission to investigate what happened in 2023. Political analysts on this matter believe that Imran Khan has become more popular after being arrested.

On 9 May 2023, riots broke out in Pakistan after PTI leader Imran Khan was arrested from the premises of Islamabad High Court. The whole world saw the situation in Pakistan when party workers vandalized a dozen military bases including Jinnah House, Lahore Corps Commander House, Mianwali Air Base, and ISI Bhawan in Faisalabad.

Even the army headquarters in Rawalpindi was attacked for the first time. A year after it was declared 'Black Day', the Army has now agreed to form a judicial commission to investigate what happened in 2023.

What do political analysts say?

Senior political analyst Zulqarnain Tahir, while talking to News9, says that the riots broke out on May 9, 2023, due to people's anger against the Pakistan Army. He said that what happened on May 9 shows that the people of Pakistan said enough is enough. What you have been doing for the last 75 years should not happen anymore. Later, Imran Khan's PTI tried to differentiate itself because of its political needs, but people had that kind of pain, that kind of anger that came out on May 9.

Sympathy wave for Imran

Foreign affairs expert Pathikrit Payne says that Imran Khan has become more popular after being arrested by the Pakistani Army. He said that till now there is not even a single Pakistani Prime Minister who has completed his tenure as Prime Minister. Therefore, Imran Khan may someday be in the bad books of the Pakistani Army. Payne said that Pakistan's army itself is divided. One part is pro-America and the other part is a victim of Talibanization.

Pakistan's debt trap

Discussing the economic situation of Pakistan, Pathikrit Payne said, “For any country where you have military dominance, they have to ensure that their economic aspects are taken care of. This is so that people's basic needs can be fulfilled. People will not revolt if this happens.

Pakistan is a country with huge debt, an internal debt crisis, and huge inflation. “Unless the Pakistan Army ensures that the economic aspect of this can be taken care of, it will only get worse.”

The expert believes that after the May 9 incident, looking at the actions of PTI, it is clear that there is no point in going to the Judicial Commission. The Pakistani Army would not like to take this issue to court or to any independent body like the Judicial Commission to investigate this matter.