Revenge for Raisi's Death Begins: 'Trailer' of Iran's Retaliation Unveiled in Yemen

Revenge for Raisi's death begins! 'Trailer' of Iran's Revenge Seen in Yemen

Ibrahim Raisi has not even been buried yet. Meanwhile, the revenge for his death has begun. Houthi has hunted Biden's flying squad through Iranian missiles. A proxy conference was held in the capital Tehran, in which heads and big leaders of many Iran-backed organizations participated.

Ibrahim Raisi

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After the death of Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi, a proxy conference was held in Tehran, in which heads and big leaders of many Iran-backed organizations participated. Know why, to avenge the death of Raees. To take revenge on Israel-America. In this sequence, America's Reaper drone was burnt in Yemen last night.

If the Houthis hunted Biden's flying squad with Iranian missiles, has the revenge for Raisi's death begun with this attack? The Reaper drone is a special and modern drone of America. The American Army has been using it for everything from war to spying.

Features of Reaper Drone

What is the specialty, strength, and capability of this American drone, which costs about Rs 250 crore, due to which it is considered the world's deadliest unexploded ordnance? The big feature of the Reaper Drone is that this American sky hunter, apart from espionage, is also equipped with the ability to attack and defend.

The MQ-9 Reaper drone flies in the sky at a speed of 368 kilometers per hour. Now let's talk about the deadly weapons involved. The Reaper drone is equipped with four AGM-114 Hellfire missiles which are laser-guided. Apart from this, a targeting system, visual sensors, and high-tech cameras are also installed in the drone. This drone can carry explosives weighing about 1701 kg. MQ-9 Reaper drone can fly up to a maximum height of 50 thousand feet. A Reaper drone is an unmanned UAV, which is operated by 2 remote pilots and a sensor operator from the control room.

American drone lags behind Iranian missile

The Reaper drone can cover a distance of about 1,851 kilometers in one flight. The US Air Force has been using the MQ-9 Reaper drone since 2007. Till now this drone has performed many dangerous missions very well. But this American drone seems to be proving ineffective in front of Houthi fighters and their missiles.

Khamenei meets Hamas Chief

After Raisi's death, it is believed that the Iranian proxy will become unruly, and perhaps the Houthi and Islamic Resistance have started this with their attacks. Meanwhile, it is being claimed that to avenge Raisi's death, a blueprint for the destruction of Israel has been prepared in Iran and the heads of various proxy organizations have reached Tehran to seal this blueprint.

Hamas Chief Ismail Haniya even met Iran's Supreme Leader Khamenei. It is being claimed that talks took place between the two leaders for hours. Not only this, it is also being claimed that. Kata'ib Hezbollah leader Qais al-Khazali was also present in Tehran.