Ramadan 2024: After the ban on Iftar, Saudi has now issued a new decree on donations.


Ramadan 2024: After the ban on Iftar, Saudi has now issued a new decree on donations.

The holy month of Ramadan has started. People who follow the religion of Islam around the world give Zakat i.e. donations in this month. The Saudi Arabian government has given some strict instructions regarding this donation. Earlier, Saudi had also banned Iftar in mosques.

The five pillars of Islam include Roza, Zakat (charity), Hajj, Namaz, and Shahada (belief in one God). It is during the month of Ramadan that most of the Muslims pay 'Zakat' i.e. give donations. Let us tell you that donating one's wealth to the poor is called 'Zakat'. While people can directly give Zakat to the poor, many organizations around the world also do this work. Muslims pay their Zakat in these institutions. But many organizations have also been found to be rigging aid donations. In view of this, the Saudi government has given instructions not to give donations during Ramadan to any non-government organization.

The spokesperson of the Presidency of State Security issued a statement on “Submit only through authorized channels and institutions.”

It was also said in this notice that some institutions and individuals are collecting donations from citizens under the guise of Zakat, which is likely to be misused. The statement said that the only entity for citizens who want to donate outside Saudi is KS Relief (King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief).

The notice also states that donors who violate the instructions will be held responsible according to the laws of the Kingdom.

In which countries do Saudi citizens donate?

Donations are taken out from Saudi Arabia for poor countries around the world. During the month of Ramadan, the Saudi government and its citizens send billions of rupees of aid to poor countries. The countries taking help from Saudi include Palestine, Sudan, Bangladesh, Pakistan etc. The Saudi government established the KS Relief Center in 2015 to provide help around the world.