Rafah Attack: 'Israel will not be able to succeed in its objective even after the attack on Rafah,' who predicted this?


Rafah Attack: US Secretary of State Blinken said that even after the attack in Rafah, Israel will not be able to eliminate Hamas. He told the media that Israel has not yet given any concrete war plan.

Despite America's warning, Israel is not ready to stop its action on Rafah, the last city of Gaza. About 1.4 million Palestinians live in the densely populated area of Rafah, of which more than 60 percent are those who have fled from other parts of Gaza after the war. The US State Department had warned that a major military operation in Gaza could cause a huge humanitarian loss. On Sunday, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that even after the attack on Rafah, Israel will not be able to eliminate Hamas, rather this action will spread anarchy.

America is continuously putting pressure on Israel to stop its major military action in Rafah. In this episode, US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, in a call with his Israeli counterpart Tzachi Hanegbi, emphasized Washington's concerns regarding Israel's attacks in Gaza. According to a CBC report, about 3 lakh Palestinians have fled from Rafah since Israel took control of Rafah.

The attack will not achieve success

In an interview given to the media on Sunday, the US Secretary of State said that without a plan after stopping the war, Israel will not be able to eliminate Hamas through the military operation in Rafah. Blinken said that Israel has not yet presented any concrete post-war plan to us, who will run the government in Gaza after the war, and how the government will be run, without resolving all these points, any Israeli operation will only lead to 'anarchy' in Gaza. ' Will bring.


“Israel is taking care of American concerns”

In a readout of the phone call, Washington said Sullivan reiterated President Biden's concerns over the possibility of a major ground military operation in Rafah. Which Israeli counterpart Hanegbi has said, Israel is keeping American concerns in mind during the action. But detailed information about this has not been given.

Was military aid stopped?

A report by the US State Department came on Friday, in which it was said that Israel was violating international laws. When asked about that, Blinken said that we still have too little evidence to stop all military aid. He further said that in the chaotic and dangerous conditions of an ongoing war, it is 'very difficult' to determine what is happening or what weapons are being used in a particular operation.