Rafa Attack: Israel created havoc in Rafa within 48 hours, not even ready to open the border


Rafa Attack: After Israel's Rafa invasion, there has been devastation in entire Rafa. Discussions on ceasefire are going on between the two sides in Cairo, meanwhile many countries have appealed to Israel to immediately stop the attack. But Israel is not ready to accept.

Palestinians living in Rafah

On February 7, the Israeli army seized the Rafah border and stormed Rafah. After which there is chaos in this densely populated area. A day before the attack in Rafah, Israel had ordered civilians to flee central Gaza and other areas. After which thousands of citizens have been seen moving from Rafah towards Khan Yunis. Let us know what important developments have taken place since the beginning of the attack.

This attack by Israel has once again ignited anger against Israel all over the world. Demonstrations have intensified in American cities. According to Al-Jazeera's report, more than 35 people have been killed and about 129 civilians have been injured in Israel's operation since May 7. According to the IDF, it has killed 30 Hamas fighters in its operation.

America bans arms supply

Biden has talked about stopping the supply of arms to Israel for ignoring American concerns before the Rafah attack. However, he has also said that America will continue to provide defense weapons to Israel like Iron Dome, Safety Shield etc.

Appeal to open Rafa border

The Rafah crossing bordering Egypt was the only means of delivering humanitarian aid to Gaza for the last 7 months. After its seizure by the Israeli army, all routes for humanitarian aid in Gaza have been closed. The United Nations and other human rights organizations have appealed to Israel to reopen the Rafah crossing.

Palestinians fleeing Rafah

Thousands of displaced, scared and exhausted Palestinians have once again packed their belongings and started fleeing Rafah, following warnings of devastation as the Hamas-Israel fighting intensifies in the crowded eastern area of ​​Rafah.

Talks continue in Cairo for agreement

Amidst the outbreak of fighting in Rafah, negotiations on ceasefire are going on between the Israeli delegation and Hamas in Cairo. US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan says Hamas and Israel are not far from a ceasefire and they should do everything they can to reach an agreement.

Raid in the West Bank

Along with the beginning of the attack in Rafah, the Israeli army has also raided the occupied West Bank and arrested many Palestinians. Let us tell you that after the Rafah invasion, protests against Israel have been seen in the West Bank areas.