Putin's oath After 50 days, the Russian President takes an oath to rule the country by speaking these 52 words


Vladimir Putin is once again going to take oath as the President of Russia on Tuesday. In the year 2000, he held the post of President for the first time. After which, on March 4, 2004, he was elected President of Russia for the second term. He held the post of President for the third time in 2012 and then for the fourth time in 2018. After which now he is going to take command of Russia for the fifth time.

Today i.e. on March 7, Vladimir Putin, who has held the post of President of Russia four times, will take the oath of office in Moscow for the fifth time and will once again take charge of Russia. Voting for the presidential elections was held in Russia from 15 to 17 March. After which the election results were revealed on March 18, in which Putin once again came to power by securing 87 percent of the votes.

Putin held the post of President for the first time in the year 2000. After which he is going to become the President for the fifth consecutive time. Let us tell you, the tenure of the President in Russia is 6 years. In the swearing-in ceremony, the President takes an oath of 52 words for the sovereignty, independence, and security of the country. According to Russian time, this swearing-in ceremony will start at 12 o'clock, at which time it will be 2:30 in India.

Oath of the President of Russia

The President of Russia takes an oath of 52 words. He swears that “In the performance of my duties as President of the Russian Federation, I swear to respect and protect the rights and freedoms of every citizen, to obey and defend the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the state To safeguard sovereignty and independence, security and integrity and to serve the people honestly.

Powers and duties of the President

The duties of the President of Russia are stated in Chapter Four of the Constitution. According to the Constitution, the President is the head of the state and the guarantor of the Constitution, civil, human rights, and freedoms. He is responsible for protecting the sovereignty, independence, and integrity of Russia and ensuring the functioning and interaction of all bodies of state power. The President is the supreme commander-in-chief of the armed forces.

Where did Putin study?

Vladimir Putin was born on 7 October 1952 in the Russian city of Leningrad. In 1975, he graduated in law from Leningrad State University and later did a PhD in Economics. of. From 1985 to 1990 he worked in East Germany. In 1990, he became assistant to the rector of Leningrad State University, responsible for international affairs. After that, he was an advisor to the Chairman of the Leningrad City Council.

In June 1991, he became Chairman of the International Relations Committee of the Saint Petersburg City Council. In August 1996, he was appointed Deputy Chief of the Presidential Administrative Directorate (Property Management Directorate). In March 1997, he became Deputy Chief of the Executive Office of the President (Presidential Administration). In July 1998, he was appointed Director of the Federal Security Service and served as Secretary of the Security Council until March 1999.

When did he assume the post of President for the first time?

He was appointed Prime Minister in August 1999. On 31 December 1999, he became the acting President. On March 26, 2000, Putin was elected President of Russia and on May 7, 2000, he assumed the post of President. On March 14, 2004, he was elected President of Russia for the second term. On March 4, 2012, he was elected President of Russia and took oath as President on May 7, 2012. On March 18, 2018, he was re-elected President of Russia.