Putin's 3 words created panic in the NATO group, Ukraine's President turned the phone to this Arab leader


On the occasion of Victory Day in Russia, President Putin ordered the army to conduct nuclear exercises. Putin also said that our nuclear force is 'always' on alert. Putin also mentioned nuclear power during his address. After which there was panic in Ukraine.

Russian President Putin

Vladimir Putin took oath as the President of Russia for the fifth consecutive time on May 7. After which, in front of thousands of soldiers on May 9, on the occasion of Russia's Victory Day, on Red Square, Putin praised his army fighting in Ukraine and accused Western powers of provoking conflict around the world.

Let us tell you, Russia's Victory Day is celebrated to commemorate its victory over Nazi Germany in World War II. On this occasion, President Putin repeatedly defined the current fight against Ukraine as a fight against “Nazism”. Putin also said that our nuclear force is 'always on alert'. This statement coming from Russia, which is continuously threatening nuclear attacks, created a stir. The President of Ukraine turned the phone over to the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia.

What did putin say

Putin said, “Russia will do everything to prevent global confrontation, but at the same time we will not allow anyone to threaten us. Our strategic forces are always alert.” He further said, “Russia is currently going through a difficult, important period and the future of Russia depends on each of us.”

Putin mentioned nuclear power during his address. Let us tell you, recently Putin has walked out of the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, an arms reduction agreement with America.

Putin ordered nuclear exercises

Earlier this week, after taking power, Putin again ordered nuclear drills involving the Russian army and navy, as well as troops based near Ukraine. Due to which the fear arose that Putin might use nuclear weapons during the war. Putin also talked about modernizing the weapons of his army. In a meeting with army commanders, he said, “Modern military technology is changing very rapidly, if we have to be successful we will always have to be one step ahead.”

On the occasion of Victory Day, Putin repeatedly defined the current fight against Ukraine as a fight against “Nazism”. “We pay our respects to the civilians killed in the shelling and terrorist attacks by neo-Nazis,” he said.

Ukraine called the Saudi Crown Prince

Russian President Putin's threats caused panic. After which Ukrainian President Zelensky called Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman on Thursday. During the call, the two leaders discussed efforts to resolve the Ukrainian-Russian crisis. They also discussed ways to further strengthen bilateral relations between Saudi and Ukraine.