Putin rule again in Russia, NATO scared, Ukraine also worried


General elections have taken place in Russia. The third and last day of voting took place on Sunday. Election results have also started coming, due to which it has been decided that Vladimir Putin is winning once again. Putin will be crowned again in the presidency. In the history of Russia, Stalin ruled for 29 years. Now if Putin completes the next term, he will be the only President to rule for 30 years. On the other hand, the return of Putin's government to Russia has once again created fear in NATO. Besides, Ukraine is also under tension.

NATO fears what will be the outcome of the war which Putin started 2 years ago. How big an attack will the war on Kyiv, which Putin had called a military operation, culminate in? Because after winning the elections Putin will become even more powerful. This war has changed a lot in the last 2 years. This war has divided the world into two parts.

This war has shown the world new ways of warfare. This war has made the two superpowers the biggest enemies, but is this war going to stop? Is this scene of great destruction going to stop in Ukraine now? Putin had vowed to teach the biggest lesson to NATO including America, but will that oath of Putin be fulfilled, will Putin remain in power? This is a big question.

11 crore people took part in voting

11 crore people in Russia have elected their leader. The people of Russia are electing that leader who will become their voice, fight for their rights and answer their enemies. When that leader claps and sits on the President's throne, he will be a symbol of Russia's self-respect. There were many claimants, but everyone's eyes were on Vladimir Putin. Putin has been in power in Russia for the last 24 years. Has been the President of Russia 4 times. He has become the Prime Minister of Russia once and is ready to assume the post of President of Russia for the fifth time. When he appealed for voting, the confidence of victory was clearly visible on his face.

Putin had said, we will do exactly what we want. Therefore, I appeal to you to exercise patriotism by exercising your civil rights. Choose the candidate of your choice. Those who work for the successful future of Russia and the people of Russia.

Putin's promise to shape the future

Putin promised his people to shape the future of Russia and all the experts also believed that Putin's victory in the elections was almost certain. The surprising thing was that the candidates standing against Putin in this election field were themselves big supporters of Putin.

Opposite Putin was Nikolai Kharitonov, who is a member of the State Duma, the lower house of the Russian parliament. In 2004, he got less than 14 percent votes, this time he is expected to get more than 4 percent votes. Apart from this, Leonid Slutsky is also in the field against Putin. Leonid is the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia and, like Putin, is an opponent of Western countries. This time he is expected to get 5 percent votes. At number three is Dislav Davankov, who is the deputy chairman of the State Duma and is also the youngest candidate for the post of President. He is expected to get 5 percent votes.

Three opposing grounds, but that too in support of Putin

All three candidates standing against Putin are supporters of Putin's policies and the war against Ukraine. Therefore, Putin's coronation in Russia was considered almost certain. The main reason for this is Putin's nationalism. The war against Ukraine is not just a fight for Putin to gain a piece of land, but Putin connects it to his identity. In the fight for his identity, in the last two years, Putin has turned many cities of Ukraine into crematoriums and it is also clear that Putin is not going to stop now. Putin gave an interview a few hours before the elections.

Putin also knew that this interview would not be watched only by the people of Russia. Rather, Biden along with NATO countries will listen carefully to this interview and Putin has done his job. By giving nuclear threat to the West, it was told that the gunpowder destruction in Ukraine will not stop. Putin bluntly said that he will not step back from nuclear attack, in fact he has more powerful nuclear weapons than America.