Putin-Kim Jong: There will be a meeting between Putin and Kim Jong Un, they are making their first foreign trip after Corona


North Korea's dictatorial ruler Kim Jong Un rarely travels outside his country. But for some time now there have been talks in the international corridors about a meeting between Russian President Putin and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. But now this news has been proved to be true. Yes, both the leaders are going to meet soon. 

According to media reports, North Korean dictator Kim Jong has left for Russia and will meet President Putin. This meeting has increased the concerns of Western countries due to the possible arms deal between the two countries. 

If reports are to be believed, a statement issued on the website of Russia's Presidential Office Kremlin says that Kim Jong Un is coming to Russia on Putin's invitation. According to media reports, Kim Jong Un's special train has been seen at a station near the North Korea-Russia border. 

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