Putin Gifts Lavish Car to Kim Jong-Un: Bomb-Proof and Luxurious


Putin Gifted Limousine to Kim Jong Un: Russian President Vladimir Putin has gifted Aurus Senat to South Korea's Kim Jong. This car is capable of withstanding any bullet or bomb attack.

Has given another car earlier too

Vladimir Putin has gifted a luxurious car to Kim Jong Un earlier too. Putin had gifted Kim Jong the car in February, which is used by the Russian President himself. Now the Russian President has gifted another car. But, no information has been found about which model of Aurus has been gifted.

Both the leaders roamed together in the car

A picture of both the international leaders roaming together in the limousine Aurus Senat has also surfaced. In this photo, Russian President Vladimir Putin is handling the steering wheel and Kim Jong is seen sitting next to him on the seat. With this car, another luxury car has been added to Kim Jong Un's collection.

The car has bullet proof feature

Limousine Aurus Senat is a bulletproof car, on which no bullet or bomb can have any effect. This car has been prepared keeping in mind the tight security. The design of this car has been made by the Russian company NAMI. This car came for the first time in the year 2018 for the President of Russia. In the year 2021, it was also launched for the general public.