Protests against Israel increased Biden's tension, Netanyahu could not get the hostages released


There is also opposition to the supply of arms to Israel from America. There may be sympathy for Palestine in the world, but despite turning Gaza into ruins, Netanyahu has not been able to become the hero of his country. On the contrary, there are continuous protests in Israel.

Gaza was turned into ruins, but Israel's PM Netanyahu could not get the hostages released. Now the phase of protests against the government has intensified in Israel. Apart from this, demonstrations are also being held in Gaza regarding genocide and the demand for the creation of Palestine. Especially in many universities in America, the phase of protests in support of Palestine is increasing.

Not only Israel but many countries of the world are protesting against Netanyahu and the massacre in Gaza. Similar pictures are coming every day from many corners of the world. There are clashes at some places and supporters of Israel and Palestine come face to face at other places. Protests continue on the streets of Tel Aviv. People's anger is increasing against the government that has failed to release the hostages.

The government failed to take people into confidence

Even though Netanyahu's army has started bombing Rafah in Gaza, the government has failed to take the people of Israel into confidence. Apart from the families and relatives of the hostages, Israel's opposition parties have also opened their front. The Israeli police have become so fed up with the protesters that now the protesters are being beaten brutally.

There have been clashes with the police several times

Police had to be called to stop the protesters opposing Israel at Virginia University. Protestors clashed with the police several times. During this, many pro-Palestine students got hurt. There are different ways of protesting. This protest was held in the capital of California. People danced to Dab's Arabic dance and expressed their support for Palestine.

Even during the ceremony at the University of Illinois, students protested against Israel by taking out the flag of Palestine. Pro-Palestine protesters began demonstrating at the commencement ceremony of the University of Michigan in downtown Ann Arbor. Amidst the huge crowd, some protesters suddenly came out carrying the flag of Palestine and started shouting slogans. Later the police took all the protesters into custody.

Demonstrations against Israel in many countries of the world

Protests are taking place against Israel in many countries of the world, but this is the biggest problem for Biden. Biden does not want the US protests to intensify before the elections and help Israel become a big issue. The biggest reasons for increasing resentment towards Israel are the large-scale deaths of civilians in Gaza, the start of Israel's military operation in Rafah, and the non-availability of food and drink to the people of Gaza.