Protest against Pakistan in PoK, why are people so angry?


Pakistan is facing rising inflation, the effect of which is now seen on its roads also. Actually, due to rising inflation in POK, people's anger has erupted against the government. Protests are taking place at various places, and incidents of confrontation with the police and stone pelting have come to light. However, the big thing is that the Indian tricolour is also visible in these demonstrations taking place in PoK. Let us tell you, that the Joint Awami Action Committee had called for a protest outside the Assembly of PoK on 11th May i.e. Saturday against inflation in PoK.

After this Section 144 has been implemented in PoK. So that people do not come out of their homes. Due to this, the anger of the local people erupted on Friday itself and a large number of people came out on the streets in areas like the capital Muzaffarabad, Mirpur and Dadiyal. PoK and Indian national flags were seen in the hands of the crowd. Actually, due to rising inflation in PoK, people are angry and protests are taking place in PoK against inflation. The prices of petrol, diesel and other essential commodities are skyrocketing. Even food items are being imported from China. Due to this, the committee had announced a demonstration in the state.

Protests were planned for Saturday (May 11) over taxes imposed by Pakistan and rising prices, but the deployment of additional forces and the arrest of 70 activists enraged people and they took to the streets on Friday itself. The protesters allegedly pelted stones at the security personnel and clashed with them.

According to Pakistani media, the police have detained seventy activists to stop the 'Long March' announced by the Jammu and Kashmir Joint Awami Action Committee. According to media reports, the police also fired tear gas shells to disperse the protesting crowd, some of which fell in a nearby school and many girls were injured.

According to the news agency report, at present the soldiers of Front Corps, Rangers and Quick Response Force (QRF) of Punjab province are on the streets of the area. In the early hours of Thursday, police in Muzaffarabad (the administrative centre of POK) raided the house of a business leader Shaukat Nawaz Mir as well as the houses of several other people of the Action Committee.

Pakistanis are struggling with back-breaking inflation, a situation made worse by the stringent conditions imposed by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) while approving the $3 billion financial aid package. Problems have increased due to an increase in electricity rates and people in Pakistan have been forced to take to the streets.