Protest against Israel.: Biggest protest in Israel, people took to the streets against PM Netanyahu


Amidst the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu seems to be surrounded in his own country. People are also angry against Netanyahu. At the same time, in a joint statement by Qatar, America, and Egypt, Israel and Hamas have been urged to adopt a ceasefire and hostage release agreement.

People took to the streets of Tel Aviv in Israel on Saturday to protest against the government. The protesters demanded a hostage swap deal with Hamas and the removal of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, as well as early elections. Organizers claim Saturday's protest was the largest gathering since October 7, with an estimated attendance of 120,000 in Tel Aviv alone, although this figure is unverified.

Thousands of Israelis gathered on the streets of Tesh Aviv on Saturday as part of the largest anti-government protest since the war against Hamas began. The protesters demanded the government reach an agreement to release dozens of people held hostage by Hamas in Gaza and hold elections before the scheduled time.

March towards the President's residence

Massive protests took place at the intersection of Democracy Square, Begin Road, and Kaplan Street. In the capital Jerusalem, thousands of people marched towards the presidential residence, initially organised as an anti-government rally but after Biden's intervention it was moved towards achieving a hostage agreement.

Slogans echoed on the streets of the city, demanding the safe return of the hostages and thanking US President Biden for his efforts to end the conflict. During this time, yellow flags, symbolizing the people held hostage by Hamas in Gaza, were prominently flown.

Appeal to Israel and Hamas for a ceasefire

Meanwhile, a joint statement by Qatar, the US, and Egypt urged Israel and Hamas to adopt a ceasefire and hostage release agreement. "Qatar, the US, and Egypt jointly call on both Hamas and Israel to finalize the agreement presented by President Biden on May 31, 2024," the statement said.

Relief to the hostages and their families

The agreement will bring immediate relief to both the long-suffering people of Gaza as well as the hostages and their families. The deal offers a permanent ceasefire and a roadmap to ending the crisis, the statement said, The Times of Israel reported.