Pro-Palestine Protest:The organization which threatened Israel hoisted its flag on the streets of America, Iran is happy…


Pro-Palestine Protest: People are openly raising anti-Israel slogans in the demonstrations on the streets of New York regarding the Gaza war. Apart from this, some protesters are also seen supporting Houthi, Hezbollah, Hamas, and Islamic Resistance fighting the war against Israel. The Supreme Leader of Iran has become happy after seeing these pictures and he has written a special post for it.

Protestors waved the Hezbollah flag

200 days have passed since Israel attacked Gaza. But a solution to this war has not been found, international forces have proved unsuccessful in mediating between Hamas and Israel. After the massacre of Palestinian civilians in Gaza, anger against Israel and its alliance is increasing not only in the Middle East but also in Western countries. Pro-Palestine demonstrations have been taking place in America for more than a week. The surprising thing about these demonstrations is that the protesters are openly supporting not only Palestine but also the organizations carrying out armed resistance against Israel.

A group of protesters in New York, USA, attracted everyone's attention when they waved the flag of the Lebanese armed group Hezbollah along with the flag of Palestine during the demonstration. There is discussion all over the world about this, where on one hand America is fighting with Israel against Hezbollah, while on the other hand, flags are being waved in support on the streets of America.

Iran Supreme Leader's reaction

Hezbollah is also called an Iranian proxy, many reports suggest that Hezbollah receives economic and military help from Iran. Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei posted a picture of people waving the flag and wrote, “Western governments say resistance is terrorism. People have hoisted the flag of Hezbollah on a street in America. “The people of the world are supporting the Resistance Front because they are against oppression and with those who fight it.”

Growing support for resistance organizations

Organizations like Hezbollah have been declared terrorists by many countries including America. But a recent 'Foreign Affairs' report has revealed that support for resistance organizations is increasing among the general public in the Middle East as well as all over the world.

The report also says that US and Israeli intelligence agencies have acknowledged that Israel will suffer losses on both military and civilian grounds in the conflict between Hezbollah and Israel.

Hezbollah's challenge to Israel

In response to the attacks in Gaza, Hezbollah started attacking Israeli posts deployed on the Israel-Lebanon border. Even today, Hezbollah is firing rockets and missiles into Israel from the Lebanese border. Hezbollah has millions of rockets and missiles; in the 2006 Lebanon War, Hezbollah had badly defeated the Israeli army. After which his respect in Lebanon increased further and today he plays an important role in the political system of Lebanon.

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