Pro-Palestine protests in America reach Met Gala, dozens arrested


The Met Gala celebration being held in America has also come under the grip of protests against the Gaza war. At a pro-Palestinian protest in New York City on Monday, people were seen holding banners reading "No Met Gala if Gaza is bombed."

Palestinian protest at the Met Gala/AFP

Pro-Palestine demonstrations in America are increasing day by day. These demonstrations, which started on the university campus, are now spreading to the streets and other programs as well. On Monday, pro-Palestinian protesters tried to disrupt the Met Gala in New York. After which the police detained dozens of protesters.

The protesters began marching as celebrities were attending a Met Gala fundraising event at the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. The protesters were holding banners like “No Met Gala if bombs are dropped in Gaza”, apart from this the protesters also shouted slogans and threw smog bombs.

How many people were taken into custody?

According to Axios report, the New York Police Department has detained 27 people in connection with the protests on Tuesday. Till now, not much information has been received about the detained people. This protest took place on Monday night amid ongoing demonstrations in major American universities and colleges against the Israel-Hamas war in Gaza. Let us tell you that since April till now, more than 2,400 protesters have been arrested.

“There is no celebration without freedom”

Due to the protests, the NYPD had set up barricades around the Met Gala, which the protesters tried to break and also clashed with the police. People protesting against Meta were raising the slogan No Celebration Without Liberation.

Start of operation in Rafa

Demonstrations against Israel's actions in Rafah are increasing across the world. Israel's Rafah invasion plan is moving forward at a time when Hamas has agreed to a ceasefire agreement brokered by Egypt and Qatar.