Police shot a 13-year-old teenager in America, released body camera video


Police said officers thought it was a pistol but later discovered it was a toy. Police then forced the teen to the ground and an officer fired a shot that hit him in the chest. He was taken to a hospital, where he died.

Demand for action against the police. (Symbolic)

A body camera video released late Saturday night in New York, USA, shows a police officer shooting a teenager (13). Police said that about 400 km northwest of Manhattan, police stopped two teenagers in connection with a robbery investigation at 10 pm on Friday night, after which a teenager was shot dead by officers.

In fact, relatives of a teenager killed by police in New York were planning to press local authorities for accountability on Sunday. The state's Attorney General is investigating the shooting of Nyah Mwe.

Body camera footage released

Police said the description of the two teenagers matched suspects in a robbery and were in the area on the day of the robbery. In body camera footage released by police, an officer can be heard saying he had to search the two teenagers to make sure they were carrying weapons.

Police shot him

Soon after, one of them starts running away. In the video, a teenager named Nyah Way can be seen pointing a pistol at the officers chasing him. Police said that the officers thought it was a pistol but later it was found that it was a toy. After this, the police threw the teenager on the ground and an officer fired a bullet which hit his chest. He was taken to the hospital, where he died.