PM Rishi Sunak's big announcement before the elections in Britain, if he wins, military service will be made mandatory for the youth.


The dates for the general elections in Britain have been announced. General elections will be held in the country on 4th July. Before the elections, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak made a big announcement for the youth of the country. He has said that if his party wins the elections, he will make military service mandatory for the youth.

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak

Image Credit source: AFP

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has made a big election announcement. He has said that if the Conservative Party wins the July 4 election, he will introduce a bold new model of compulsory national service for youth. In this scheme, 18-year-old youth will be given the option of full-time military appointment for 12 months.

According to the PTI report, the Prime Minister said that a scheme for full-time military appointment or voluntary service for one week a month for a year will be introduced. Military recruitment will be selective, involving tests to determine eligibility, and may include service in the armed forces or cyber defense.

Announcing his party's announcement in a campaign video, Sunak said: "We have a lot to be proud of in Britain, but one of the problems in our society is that we have generations of young people who don't have those opportunities." To which they are entitled.

Youth will get these two options

He said that Britain today faces a future that is dangerous and more divided. There is no doubt that democratic values are under threat. That's why we will introduce a bold new model of National Service for 18-year-olds, who can spend 12 months in either a competitive full-time military commission or a full-time military commission.

Or social service one week in a month

If those who do not have full-time time, they can spend one week every month volunteering in various roles within the society. Like distributing food etc. to disabled people or serving in search and rescue. This will help young people gain valuable skills make Britain safer and build a stronger national culture.

There will be early elections in Britain

The date for the general elections in Britain has been announced. PM Sunak surprised everyone on Wednesday when he said that general elections will be held in the country on July 4. With his announcement, the ongoing speculations regarding election dates in Britain have come to an end. Soon after the announcement of elections in Britain, the Parliament there will be dissolved. General elections in Britain were to be held later this year.