People of Indian origin dominate British politics, know how many leaders are trying their luck in this election


This time all the parties are eyeing the Indian origin voters in the general elections being held in Britain. Out of 650 seats in the country, candidates of Indian origin are contesting on 107 seats.

UK Elections

General elections are to be held in Britain on 4 July. Since 2022, the power of Britain is in the hands of Indian-origin Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. This time too, he is staking claim for the post of Prime Minister on behalf of the Conservative Party. Not only for the post of PM, many Indian-origin candidates are also trying their luck among MP candidates. About 2.5 percent of people of Indian origin live in Britain, Indians living in Britain are in a very good position in terms of economic and education.

According to the data, Indian families are at the forefront of high-level income families and contribute 6 percent to Britain's GDP. This economic power is enough to influence the country's politics.

There are about 25 lakh Indian voters in Britain and this time the highest number of 107 candidates of Indian origin are contesting the elections. Mainly two parties are in the fray in this election, Conservatives led by Rishi Sunak and Labour Party led by Keir Starmer. Along with the two main parties, other small parties of the country are also eyeing the vote bank of Indian origin.

Most Indians in Labor Party

The Labour Party has given tickets to the maximum number of candidates of Indian origin in the elections. 33 candidates of Indian origin are contesting the elections from the Labour Party. Most of the British Indian candidates of the party are well versed with public offices and policy circles.

Apart from this, some famous Indians have also been made candidates, like Uday Nagaraju from North Bedfordshire seat, who is an IT professional by profession and a relative of former Prime Minister of India PV Narasimha Rao. Hajira Pirani has been fielded from Wingston seat. Pirana's family is famous in Mumbai as the family Machiwala.

Labor candidate with Indian origin people

The Conservative Party is also not far behind in giving tickets to British Indians. 30 people from the Indian community have been made candidates by the Conservative Party. The Conservative Party has given tickets to mostly professionals and businessmen. Among them, Dr. Neel Shastri, who has been made a candidate from Solihull and Shirley, is a barrister and has also served in the British Army.

Reva Goody from Feltham is campaigning on the Hindu culture front. During the campaign, she swore on the Bhagavad Gita and said that she is committed to showing that Hindu cultural heritage and values ​​can contribute to British society. Apart from this, Conservative candidate Nupur Majumdar from Lewisham North Seach runs a hospitality company and an aviation consultancy firm.

Small parties also gave opportunity to Indians

Apart from the main parties, smaller parties have also bet heavily on British Indians. The Green Party has fielded 13 candidates from the Indian community. This includes Bolton city councillor Mohammad Hanif Ali. He is the first Asian councillor of Bolton and is now in the election fray to become an MP. Reform UK and Liberal Democrats have given tickets to 13 and 11 Indians respectively.