Pakistan: This Pakistani called his own country 'useless', scolded the leaders, watch viral video


Now the people of their own country are not holding back from cursing Pakistan. A Pakistani man has compared India and Pakistan to two brothers and said that one of them is 'useless' and the other is 'hardworking'. The Pakistani man said that the world is respecting the one who is earning and who will respect the one who is 'useless'.

In a conversation with Pakistani YouTuber Shoaib Chaudhary, a Pakistani man said that speaking the truth in Pakistan is treason. We are telling the truth, but we don't know whether we will be able to reach home safely or not. During this, the Pakistanis sitting together also apologized. Said that we are not saying anything, we also have to go home safely. This makes it clear what is the security situation in Pakistan.

What did Pakistanis say on the Kashmir issue?

During this period, Pakistani youth also strongly attacked the leaders of Pakistan. The Pakistani youth said that Imran Khan, Shahbaz Sharif and Nawaz Sharif all the leaders of Pakistan were thieves. The officials of Pakistan are thieves, due to which Pakistan is in this condition today. On the Kashmir issue, the youth said that some countries are fighting between India and Pakistan on the issue of Kashmir. Pakistan is stuck in this, due to which it has lagged behind today.

Pakistani youth said, 'When the government does not care about the people, then what should we do now? No matter how much we care for the country, now we will also speak against Pakistan. The Pakistani youth said that 'the fee for nursery class in Pakistan is Rs 25 thousand, the leaders are sending their children to London by taking public money and have left the Pakistanis to beg.'