Pakistan surrounded by Taliban's help, US said- Imran Khan should not be in a hurry to recognize Taliban, will review relations

Pakistan surrounded by Taliban's help, US said- Imran Khan should not be in a hurry to recognize Taliban, will review relations

After the relationship between the Taliban and the Imran government was exposed, America has taken a tough stand against Pakistan. The Biden administration has decided to review relations with Pakistan afresh. This review may further worsen relations between the US and Pakistan. If this happens, it will be an alarm bell for a tight Pakistan. Let us tell you that the Imran government has been continuously talking about the relationship between the Taliban and Pakistan. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has given this information in the US House. He said that if the Taliban-ruled government wants recognition or any help, it will have to live up to the expectations of the international fraternity. Along with this, he also cautioned Pakistan not to show haste in recognizing the Taliban.

Pak's double character came to the fore

  • Harsh Pant said that the dual character of Pakistan has come to the fore in the case of the Taliban. While Pakistan has been helping the Taliban on the one hand, on the other hand, it has been claiming to be nefarious in front of the world. Pakistan has been saying every time that it is helping the government of Afghanistan. After the withdrawal of American troops in Afghanistan, the stigma of Pakistan has opened. He said that after the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan, the way Pakistan's intelligence agency ISI has shown interest in the formation of the Taliban government has been completely exposed.
  • He said that Pakistan has misled the world about the Taliban. Given this, America is reviewing relations with Pakistan again. American parliaments have also expressed strong displeasure over this dual character of Pakistan. He said that the Biden administration in America has stood in the dock due to the betrayal of Pakistan. Regarding the relationship between the Taliban and Pakistan, the Biden administration has admitted for the first time that Pakistan had links with the Haqqani network. Pakistan has given asylum to the Haqqani network in its own country.
  • He said that since the 9/11 attacks, the US has provided about $ 23 billion in security assistance and additional funds to Pakistan. Prof Pant said that this help being given by America was for an ally Pakistan, but now the relationship between Pakistan ISI and Taliban has been exposed. In such a situation, the question arises whether America will now give financial help to Pakistan.

Ruckus over Pakistan in US Senate

US lawmakers have demanded strict action against Pakistan for its hypocritical attitude. Some members of the Senate have called for an end to its status as a non-NATO ally. He has also been asked to stop the financial help received. Pakistan has stabbed America in the back. A large number of American soldiers were sacrificed in Afghanistan. Pakistan has been hoarding billions of dollars in the name of helping America. Pakistan has also been warned not to be hasty in recognizing the Taliban government.

Biden's rating below 50 percent

On the other hand, the popularity of President Joe Biden has also declined after the withdrawal of American troops in Afghanistan. In the case of Afghanistan, President Biden has to face opposition from senior military officers and members of his party. For the first time since Biden became president, his rating has dropped below 50 percent. Due to this, the party's position may be weakened in the crucial mid-term elections to be held next year.

President Biden's mistake in settling the Afghan problem

There is a lot of discussion in America that President Biden has made a mistake in settling the problem of Afghanistan. It is being said that this problem could have been solved in a better way. Many members of President Biden's Democratic Party are against his decision. He said that the President had assured that no American would be trapped in Afghanistan before the troops left, but this did not happen. More than a hundred American citizens are still trapped. Apart from this, citizens of many other countries are trapped in Afghanistan.