Pakistan: Pakistan's big statement regarding China, may have to bear heavy losses


Pakistan always sings a new tune for its closest friend China. For the last several years, Pakistan has been running on the trust of China. But now a new statement has come from Pakistan and that is that it is not in the block of China. 

By the way, relations between China and America have not been good for a long time. There is a cold war-like situation between America and China. The situation is that both the countries are busy in establishing themselves in the world. In such a situation, Pakistan says that they have not 'joined the China block'. There has been a stir in the world after this statement, the reason for this is that Pakistan has been self-dependent on China for the last few years.

Meanwhile, the statement of Pakistani Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mumtaz Zahra Baloch has also come to the fore and it has been said that Pakistan has joined a block. It has been our policy that we do not believe in any block politics.