Pakistan News: The European Union (EU) has maintained its decision to continue the ban on Pakistani air carriers!


Pakistan News:  The European Union (EU) has maintained its decision to continue the ban on Pakistani air carriers, including Pakistan International Airlines (PIA). After a recent meeting, the EU in its recent meeting found no grounds to change the current list of airlines banned from operating within the union, including Pakistani airlines, ARY News reported.


The decision was taken following a comprehensive review by the European Union's Air Safety Committee, which included an on-site assessment by the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA) and sample assessments by Pakistani carriers Fly Jinnah and Airblue Limited.

On-site assessment team found many deficiencies 

The on-site assessment conducted between November 27 and 30, 2023 focused on the role and responsibility of PCAA in safety inspection.

During this time, the PCAA complied with international safety standards and employed technically skilled professionals. Although the on-site assessment team identified a number of deficiencies, the assessment did not reveal any major safety concerns with respect to airworthiness or personnel licensing and training organizations, which were deemed to be adequately staffed.

Fly Jinnah, one of the aircraft assessed, was selected to improve record keeping and management of findings.

EU said this to the Pakistan government

The EU Air Safety Committee underlined the need for continuous monitoring of Pakistan's security situation. In addition, the committee emphasized the importance of continued support from the Pakistan government and stability in leadership within the PCAA.

Currently, the EU has maintained the ban on Pakistani air carriers, calling on member states to conduct ramp inspections to confirm compliance and warning that any indication of safety risks could prompt further action. The Union has stressed the paramount importance of maintaining international safety standards.