Pakistan is scared after Modi's re-election as PM, started talking about peace


Pakistan commented after Narendra Modi was re-elected as PM. Pakistan Foreign Ministry spokesperson Baloch told India that we hope that India will maintain peace keeping in mind the benefits of the people of both countries and will take steps to resolve long-standing disputes.

Pakistani PM Shahbaz Sharif

With the victory of the BJP-led NDA alliance for the third time in a row, Narendra Modi is going to become the Prime Minister of India. After which a comment has come from Pakistan. After Narendra Modi was elected PM once again, Pakistan is now talking about peace.

Pakistan said on Friday that it wants to talk about peace with all its neighboring countries, including India. It also wants to maintain cooperative relations and resolve all disputes through peaceful dialogue.

What did Pakistan comment?

On Friday, Pakistan Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mumtaz Zehra Baloch said in a press conference that Pakistan has always wanted to maintain cooperative relations and peace with all its neighbors, including India. Referring to Jammu and Kashmir, she further said that Pakistan constantly talks about dialogue and peace to resolve all issues between India and Pakistan, including major disputes like Jammu and Kashmir.

There was tension in the relationship

The Indian government took a historic decision on August 5, 2019. The government repealed some provisions of Article 370 giving special rights to Jammu and Kashmir. After this, there was a lot of tension in the relations between India and Pakistan. After the repeal of Article 370, Pakistan reduced its relations with India.

Pak should give up the path of terrorism

However, India has been continuously talking about peace. Not only Pakistan, but India also wants to maintain peace and dialogue with every neighboring country. But when it comes to Pakistan, India has also been saying that a peaceful relationship with Pakistan can be established only when Pakistan abandons the path of terrorism and stops its unholy activities.

Message of peace

Pakistan Foreign Ministry spokesperson Baloch said about maintaining peace with India, "Pakistan believes in maintaining peace. At the same time, she said that we hope that India will take steps to maintain peace advance dialogue, and resolve long-standing disputes, keeping in mind the benefits of the people of both countries.