Pakistan had started to maneuver on the Kashmir issue, but Iran reversed the entire move, know


To raise the issue of Kashmir, Pakistan Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif compared it to Gaza and said that in Kashmir too, Muslims are bleeding due to atrocities by Indians. Shahbaz Sharif appealed for unity among Muslims around the world. But Iran, understanding Pakistan's trickery, turned the tables.

Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi has reached Pakistan on a three-day visit. On this occasion, yesterday on Monday, Pakistan once again tried to play the Islamic card. Pakistan, which is facing a serious economic crisis, on one hand, thanked Iran for its support on the Kashmir issue, while on the other hand, it described its relations with it as centuries old. Pakistan Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif said that our relations with Iran are not 76 years old but centuries old. He said that although Pakistan came into existence in 1947, Iran has long-standing relations with the region. He said, not only this, but when Pakistan was created, Iran was at the forefront in recognizing it.

Pakistan Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif called Iran's President Ibrahim Raisi his brother. Shahbaz Sharif while addressing Raisi as Jaan-e-Biradar said that you had raised your voice for Gaza at that time. When there was no help in the world. Not only this, Shahbaz Sharif described the 35 thousand Muslims killed in Gaza as martyrs. He also praised Kashmir and compared it with Gaza and said that there too the blood of Muslims is flowing due to the atrocities of India. Shahbaz Sharif also appealed for unity among Muslims around the world.

Thus, Pakistan did not stop raising the issue of Kashmir and raised the issue of Kashmir during the visit of the President of Iran. However, in this matter, Iran gave him a big blow. In his statement, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi publicly thanked Pakistan for supporting Gaza. Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi also talked about Islamic unity but did not mention Kashmir at all. In this way, standing in the joint press conference, the President of Iran rejected Pakistan's agenda regarding Kashmir. He openly advocated Islamic unity and said that today Muslims need to unite. But he gave a big blow to Pakistan by not saying anything about Kashmir.

It is noteworthy here that during the meetings with the leaders of Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Iran, the leaders of Pakistan have been raising the issue of Kashmir. However, Pakistan is facing setbacks from countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran on the Kashmir issue. However, Türkiye has raised the Kashmir issue several times in various forums. India also objected to Türkiye. It is noteworthy that so far about 35 thousand people have been killed in the Israeli attack in Gaza. Apart from this, there is a war-like situation between Israel and Iran and both countries have directly attacked each other.