Now the tax will have to be paid on rainwater! What is Rain Tax? Which increased the troubles of the common citizens of the country.


There are many such taxes in the country including income tax, house tax, toll etc. which become a burden on the pocket of the common man. Apart from these taxes, we also have to pay taxes on those things which are used daily in our lives. This includes small to big products. But have you ever heard of 'Rain Tax'? Maybe the answer is no. Rain tax is going to be implemented in Canada from next month. The government there has also announced this.

In the last few years, stormwater management has been a big problem in almost the entire country of Canada including the city of Toronto. Due to stormwater, people's daily activities have been greatly affected. In such a situation, keeping in mind the ever-increasing troubles of the common citizen, the government has taken this decision. Toronto's official website states that the government is working on a "stormwater charge" and water service charge consultation program to address storm water management in collaboration with water users and interested parties.

Along with rain, there is a lot of snowfall in Canada. In the country, the water which is not absorbed by the land or trees and plants gets collected outside on the roads. In cities, houses, roads, everything is made of concrete. In such a situation, the water does not dry quickly and later starts flowing on the roads. Due to this, the problem of blockage of roads and drains starts arising. This problem is called runoff. To deal with this problem, the government has built a stormwater drainage system. The extra water collected through this system will be taken out. The problem of runoff in the country mostly occurs in the city of Toronto.

In Canada, the more water that goes into sewerage via people's homes, the more tax will be collected from them. This rule itself is called the 'rain tax'. However, many people are raising questions and protesting against this decision of the Canadian government.

According to the information, to handle runoff, the Toronto administration can implement it on all properties in the city. This includes buildings, offices, hotels restaurants and many other places. The people of the city of Toronto pay tax on water. This also includes the cost of stormwater management. In such a situation, after the new tax is imposed, people will be taxed heavily, due to which people are protesting.

How will the tax be calculated?

Rain tax will be different for each area. According to the information, where there are more buildings, there will be more runoff, hence the rain tax will also be more there. This includes houses, parking lots and many things made of concrete. At the same time, taxes will also be reduced in places where there are fewer buildings.

How will the problems of common people increase?

Personal taxes on people in Canada are very high. According to a report by the Financial Post, Canada comes in the category of countries with some of the highest personal tax impositions in the world. Because of this, people's troubles may increase due to rain tax. Apart from this, it is not yet clear whether people who live in rented houses will be taxed or not.