"Now Biden is our only hope… Why do thousands of Israelis look to America for support?"


Protests for the release of hostages are intensifying in Israel. Thousands of Israeli protesters took to the streets of Tel Aviv demanding a ceasefire. The protesters say that Joe Biden is more concerned about the hostages than Netanyahu.

Protests intensify in Tel Aviv for hostage release

The prolongation of the Hamas-Israel war is proving to be dangerous not only for the Palestinians but also for the Israeli hostages. Just a few weeks ago, Abu Ubaida, the chief of Hamas' military wing, said that after Israel's heavy bombing in Rafah, he lost contact with a group that was looking after the safety of four hostages. Now protests have intensified inside Israel to stop the war.

Thousands of protesters gathered in Israel's capital Tel Aviv and demanded acceptance of the ceasefire plan presented by President Joe Biden. At the same time, US President Joe Biden has presented a proposal for a ceasefire, but Israeli citizens fear that PM Netanyahu will refuse to accept this proposal as well.

“Netanyahu is worried about his power”

The protesters say that Joe Biden is more concerned about the hostages than their PM. Demonstrator Diti Capuona told AFP news agency that Prime Minister Netanyahu is more concerned about his government than the hostages. The protesters said that Joe Biden was their last hope to release the hostages. Diti Capuona said that we are hoping that Biden will be able to put pressure on PM Netanyahu for a ceasefire.

Appeal to government ministers

The group, which campaigns for the release of hostages, said in its statement, "In light of President Biden's proposal last night, we will demand that the Israeli government immediately approve the hostage release deal and bring all the hostages home at once." The group has also appealed to all government ministers and coalition members to support the deal.

Prime Minister Netanyahu insisted on Saturday that the plan outlined by Biden does not call for continuing the fight until Hamas' ability to rule Gaza and pose a threat to Israel is destroyed. Netanyahu has been saying from the beginning that he will not stop the war without eliminating Hamas. However, Hamas has given positive signals on Biden's plan.