Now a new variant of Corona found in France, different from other variants, can prove to be dangerous for the world


Coronavirus is taking new forms in the world. So far many variants of it have come. Currently, the Omicron variant is causing trouble for the world. Meanwhile, a new variant of Corona has been found in France.

46 mutations have been seen in this variant of the corona. This variant found in France can prove to be very dangerous for the world. However, from the initial data, it has been informed that the infection rate of the new variant is not high. 

B.1.640.2 from the corona variant found so far. The variant is quite different. Scientists have not yet found anything in it that is in the variants that have come up so far. This variant shows multiple genetic changes.

The first case of this new variant, discovered by the Mediterranean Infection University Hospital Institute, was revealed in November. The attention of the world has now turned towards this. It has been claimed that a person who has been fully vaccinated has been found infected with this new variant.