New Restrictions in Abu Dhabi from June 1 to Make Eating and Drinking Difficult!


The Abu Dhabi government has decided to completely ban single-use plastic. This ban will apply to cups, lids, plates, beverage containers, and food containers.

UAE (Photo: Twitter/@rohit_thinks)

UAE, famous for its tall buildings and luxury life, is facing the brunt of environmental changes these days. Sometimes it is extremely hot here and sometimes due to continuous rain, flood-like conditions are being created. Due to rapid modernization in the country, many problems have started emerging. Now the government here has started taking steps to prevent this.

The Environment Agency and Economic Development Department of Abu Dhabi, the UAE's largest emirate, announced that single-use Styrofoam products will be banned in Abu Dhabi from June 1. Styrofoam products include single-use cups, lids, plates, beverage containers, and food containers. These products are a major reason for increasing marine pollution.

96 percent decline in single-use plastic

The Abu Dhabi Single Use Plastic Policy was launched in May 2020. Under the policy, the ban on the sale of single-use plastic bags at all retailers was implemented from June 1, 2022. After which the use of these bags has declined by 95%.

Other emirates of the UAE have also implemented a ban on single-use plastic items. This ban in Sharjah was started on January 1, 2024, and the emirate announced on April 22 that the manufacturing of plastic bags in the country has been completely stopped.

Heavy fines on those who violate the law

Dubai had also announced a ban on single-use plastic from January 1, 2024. If caught using it, a fine of up to 21 thousand Indian rupees can be imposed. Let us tell you that in 2023, a proposal to ban single-use plastic was passed in all 7 emirates of the UAE. After this the use of single-use plastic has decreased rapidly in the country, and now the Kingdom is going to completely ban such products.