"Netanyahu to Be Arrested...": This European Country Takes a Stand Against Israel Following ICC Warrant


ICC Chief Prosecutor Karim Khan has demanded the arrest of Israel's Prime Minister and Defense Minister for war crimes. On this, the Norwegian government said that if a warrant is issued, we will arrest Benjamin Netanyahu in our territory.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

International Criminal Court (ICC) Chief Prosecutor Karim Khan has applied to issue an arrest warrant against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. After this action, there has been a stir all over the world. Some countries are in favor of Israel while some have openly come against it. Norway has announced the arrest of Netanyahu within its borders.

On Tuesday, the Norwegian government said, “If the Hague Tribunal issues an arrest warrant against Benjamin Netanyahu and they come to our territory, we will arrest Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Yoav Galant.” Norway has become the first European country to make such an announcement.

Will have to be arrested after an ICC warrant

According to Norway's online newspaper, if Netanyahu visits Norway, he is in danger of being arrested. The Norwegian government says that the person for whom the ICC has issued an arrest warrant will be handed over to the court by Norway's obligations. The statement further said that we expect the same from other ICC members.

Demand for ICC warrant

On Monday, ICC Chief Prosecutor Karim Khan demanded the arrest of Israel's Prime Minister and Defense Minister, holding them responsible for war crimes. Apart from this, Karim Khan has also demanded a similar warrant against Hamas leaders. After which Hamas responded by saying that the prosecutor has tried to look at the oppressor and the oppressed through the same lens. Karim Khan has made serious allegations of killing children and raping hostages by Hamas fighters in Israeli territory. At the same time, Israel is accused of bombing civilians, removing Gaza residents from basic facilities, and brutality against Palestinians in the West Bank.

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