Neither Israel's missiles nor trouble in Gaza


Gaza Heat Wave: After the heat in Gaza, another problem has arisen. The risk of disease spread in Gaza has increased due to rising temperatures and heat waves. In a recently released UN agency statement, it has been said that two children have died in Gaza due to a heat wave.

Heatwave in Gaza.

Image Credit source: AFP

Israel's havoc has been continuing in Gaza for the last 6 months. Amidst the Hamas-Israel war, the life of Gazans has become hell. In January and February itself, many Palestinians died after spending nights in the open in the winter. Now after the weather becomes hot, another trouble has knocked in Gaza. According to UN agency UNRWA, two children have died due to a heat wave in Gaza.

“We have received reports that at least two children have died in Gaza due to the heat,” UNRWA General Commissioner Philippe Lazzarini said in a statement. He added, “What else do Gazans have to endure – death, hunger, disease, displacement, and now having to live in tents in the scorching heat?”

Heatwave increased problems

There is already a shortage of basic facilities in Gaza due to Israeli attacks and the ban on humanitarian aid. More than 1 million people displaced by the war are forced to live in a densely populated area in the city of Rafah. Israeli army attacks have started there too. Now the increasing temperature along with the changing weather has added more problems. UNWRA's statement said that the rising temperature in Gaza, which was already going through bad conditions, has added to the problems.

85 percent population displaced

According to the United Nations, after more than six months of Israeli war, a large part of Gaza has been destroyed. On top of that, amid Israel's blockade on food, clean water, and medicine, 85 percent of the area's population has been displaced and is forced to live in relief camps.

Israel has been accused of genocide in the International Court over such conditions in Gaza. In January, the International Court of Justice ordered Tel Aviv to stop the massacre and guarantee humanitarian aid to civilians in Gaza.