Muslim Nation Unity: Muslim countries are coming together forgetting their grudges, is the world order changing?

At a time of tension in the world, the a growing closeness between Muslim countries.

Muslim Nation Unity: There is tension in many parts of the world at present. The President of Iran is on a visit to Pakistan and the President of Turkey is to Iraq. This growing closeness between Muslim countries fighting among themselves is attracting the eyes of the whole world.

After the Second World War, the world was divided into two parts. One part stood with the United States, the other with the USSR. Some countries like India chose the middle path and maintained a balance in relations with countries having both ideologies. Then after 1989, there was the downfall of the USSR and 15 new countries came into existence. This was the time when oil and gas were being discovered rapidly in the countries of the Middle East, America directly took advantage of Russia, which was weakened by the revolution in the Gulf countries. America became a big ally of Muslim countries and till today it has a share in the oil and other resources of big Muslim countries. Experts believe that to maintain their dominance, western countries also adopted the policy of 'divide and rule' in Muslim countries.

But now the situation is changing. Along with the inclination of Muslim countries towards China and Russia, they are also forgetting mutual differences and looking at religious and cultural similarities and are moving towards creating their separate power. Be it Iran and Saudi Arabia, the two big powers of the Middle East, Iraq and Turkey, which have been fighting over water and gas for decades, or Pakistan and Iran, all Muslim countries are moving away from the American line and resolving their mutual differences.

Why is the closeness increasing?

Foreign affairs expert Qamar Aga says that at present there is a lot of anxiety and disappointment among the people of Muslim countries. Palestine is an issue related to the sentiments of Muslims and the governments of most of the Gulf countries are pro-America, hence their remaining silent on this issue for a long time can become a threat to their remaining in power. In a way, it has become a compulsion for Muslim countries to come together at this time. However, Qamar Aga further says that he does not think that after the distance between Muslim countries ends, they can open a big front against Israel.

The Palestine issue is the main reason for this alliance

On May 14, 1948, Britain and Western countries formed Israel on the land of Palestine. After which, Muslim countries attacked Israel many times, and in 1948-49, 1956, 1967, 1973, 1982, and 2006, these countries fought together against Israel many times but they had to face defeat every time. But for the last decade, Muslim countries like Saudi, and UAE have put the Palestine issue on the back burner for diplomacy and expanding their economy. But after the recent great tension, Muslim countries are again coming together on one platform.

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Masjid Al-Aqsa /AFP


Experts who understand the Muslim world closely say that Palestine is connected to the sentiments of the Muslim world. Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem is the third holy place in Islam. You must have seen that whenever Islamic Resistance, Hezbollah, and Hamas carry out any attack, they do it with slogans like 'Save AL-Aqsa' or 'Operation Al-Aqsa flood', to bring Masjid Al-Aqsa in the middle of their fight. The very purpose of this is to get sympathy and support from Muslim countries on a large scale.”

The right time to show your strength

Russia-Ukraine war, the Hamas-Israel war, Sudan crisis, there is instability in many parts of the world at present. Some experts also say that the world is going through a sensitive phase at the moment, in such a situation Muslim countries have understood that this is the right time to show their strength to the world. At present, America is entangled in many issues like elections, the Ukraine-Russia war, the Gaza war, and differences with China and Korea. Palestine issue can be used for Muslim unity at this time and they are using it very well.

Which countries came closer?

Recently, amid the ongoing tension, Iran and Saudi Arabia have also come closer. The President of Iran is also on a visit to Pakistan. Turkish President Erdogan is on a visit to Iraq. Experts say that if Muslim countries improve their relations at this time, then they can prepare their front in Israel-Palestine and other issues of the world. At the time of the establishment of OIC in 1969, Muslim countries had taken a pledge of similar unity and today after about 54 years it is being brought to the ground.

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