Musk's Tesla reaches court against Indian Tesla, what is the reason?


The world's leading electric vehicle company Tesla has filed a lawsuit against an Indian company 'Tesla Power India Private Limited' for trademark infringement and unfair trade practice for the use of Tesla's trademark. A hearing in this case was held on 2 May.

Aggrieved by Tesla Power India's use of the Tesla trademark and announcement of its entry into the electric vehicle market, the Elon Musk-owned company moved the Delhi High Court and told the court that rival Tesla Power India had published a newspaper announcing the move. Have advertised in. Musk's Tesla said that in April 2022, a cease-and-desist notice was issued to Tesla Power India and its counterpart Tesla Power USA, and talks were also held between the two parties till March 2023, but despite this, the rival company used the Tesla trademark. Continued to advertise and market their products using. Giving evidence of its point, all the advertisements and marketing done by the company were also placed before the court.

'Will not use Tesla's trademark'

On May 2, Justice Anish Dayal of Delhi High Court heard the case. During the hearing, the owner of Tesla Power India appeared before the court and said that he had given an undertaking and taking full responsibility for the matter, said that he had no intention of manufacturing electric vehicles and would not sell the electric vehicles of any other entity as 'Tesla Power USA. ' or 'Tesla' trademark or tradename under any other brand similar to the word. 

They further said that they will not release any promotional advertisements or material regarding EV vehicles under their brand or tradename. He further said that the opponents will not use the registered device/logo of 'Tesla'. Taking the undertaking on record, the court said that the opponent would have to follow it.

The next hearing will be held on May 22

After the hearing, the court issued notice to Tesla Power India and its owners and asked them to file their reply within 3 weeks. The next hearing of the case will be on May 22. The court said in its order that the defense lawyers want to file a reply and have submitted a set of documents in support of their defense. It may be filed before the Court within 3 weeks from today, as part of the reply to this application, with a copy to the respondent counsel. Reply, if any, should be filed before the next date.