Make a deal with Hamas… Hostages appeal to Israel, video surfaced from Gaza


Regarding the agreement in Gaza, the armed wing of Hamas has released this video, in which two people taken hostage on October 7 are shown. Both of them look quite scared. In the video, both the hostages have appealed for compromise. After this video was released by Hamas, protests were held in Israel against the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and demands for a compromise.

Video of Israeli hostages released

It has been more than 6 months since the war broke out between Israel and Hamas, everyone had hoped that this war would stop by Ramadan, but it did not happen, rather Israeli attacks increased in Gaza. Amidst this war, many countries are trying to stop this war. Recently, the armed wing of Hamas has released a video calling for a compromise in Gaza, in which there are two alive people held hostage in Gaza and both of them are appealing to the Israeli authorities to compromise for the release of all the prisoners.

On October 7, Hamas attacked Israel, after which, according to the Israeli Army, about 250 people were taken hostage. As of now, about 129 Israeli people are held as hostages in Gaza. Recently Hamas has shared the video of two hostages. The main purpose of this video is about the agreement in Gaza. The Family Forum of the Campaign for Hostages and Missing Persons group has identified the two hostages, one of whom has been identified as Keith Siegel and the other as Omri Miran. Earlier, Hamas had released another video, in which hostage Hersh Goldberg-Polin is shown alive. The newly released video has been released three days after the first video.

Hostages cry and appeal for compromise

In the video released by the Hamas Armed Wing, both Seagal and Miran are talking about reaching a compromise with Israeli officials. This video was made at the beginning of this week, in which 47-year-old Miran said that I have been living here in the captivity of Hamas for 202 days. The situation here is not good at all, there are many bombs here and it is very difficult to live here. Only after this, in the second video, 64-year-old Seagal is seen crying. In the video, he talked about being held hostage and while hiding his crying face, he said that we all are in great danger here, there are bombs everywhere. And the situation here is quite scary and stressful. Through this video, while giving a message to his family, he said I want to tell my family that I love you very much. It's important to me that you know I'm okay. I have very beautiful memories of last year, which we all celebrated together. He appealed to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to reach an agreement soon.

“Do what must be done before it is too late.”

Said in the Israeli Forum for Hostages and Missing Persons that the survival of Seagal and Miran is a huge proof. The Israeli government must do everything it can to approve an agreement for the return of all hostages before Independence Day. This video of Hamas came when Hamas said that it was reading about Israel's new counter-proposal for the Gaza ceasefire. In the video released, Seagal discussed the footage of the protests demanding a compromise. He said, "I am confident that all of you will continue this protest." The Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, also published some lines in Hebrew, which said that due to the pressure being exerted by the army, no hostage will be freed, you do what you must do before too much Be late.

Following the release of the video, a large crowd gathered in Tel Aviv demanding a compromise for his release. The protesters also chanted “Now a compromise,” calling for Netanyahu and his government to resign. The families of Seagal and Meeran were also involved in this rally. According to Israeli officials, since the attack on October 7, 1,170 people have died in the attack, most of whom were civilians.