Major accident off Mozambique coast, 91 people died as fishing boat sinks


More than 90 people died when a boat full of people sank off the northern coast of Mozambique. Officials said the accident occurred when the fishing boat carrying about 130 people was on its way to an island near Nampula province. Nampula State Secretary Jaime Neto said the boat sank beyond its capacity to carry passengers. 91 people lost their lives in this.

He said that many children were also among those who died. Rescuers found five survivors and were searching for others, but sea conditions were making the operation difficult. Neto said most of the passengers were trying to flee panic caused by disinformation about cholera.

The southern African country, one of the world's poorest, has recorded nearly 15,000 cases of the disease and 32 deaths since October, according to government figures. Nampula is the most affected area, accounting for one-third of all cases. In recent months, the province has seen large numbers of people fleeing jihadist attacks in its northern neighbour Cabo Delgado.