Kim Jong: Kim Jong Un's Russia tour ends, many valuable things received as gifts


North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un's visit to Russia has ended and he has left for his country. Let us tell you that this was his six-day visit, in which he met with Russian President Putin and discussed many agreements. He also met the Defense Minister.

According to media reports, before leaving Russia, he received 5 Kamikaze drones and one Geran-25 spy drone as a gift. Apart from this, the Governor of Primorye region has also given Kim Jong a bulletproof jacket and special clothes that cannot be detected in thermal cameras.

According to reports, Kim Jong was sent off from Artem-Primorsky 1 station. After this, Kim returned to North Korea in his bulletproof train. 

North Korean media has described Kim Jong's visit as a new phase of friendship with Russia. Earlier on Saturday, the dictator had taken stock of the Russian hypersonic missile Kinjal and nuclear capable bombers.