Kidnapping of Bangladeshi ship in Indian Ocean, Indian Navy responded


The menace of pirates in the Indian Ocean is increasing day by day. Once again a cargo ship has been hijacked. Bangladeshi cargo boat, MV Abdullah, en route from Maputo port in Mozambique to Al Hamriyah port in UAE has been hijacked by pirates. The ship is said to be carrying around 58,000 tonnes of coal. According to the information, some Somali pirates have kidnapped the cargo boat. This incident took place about 600 nautical miles east of Somalia's capital Mogadishu.

The ship belongs to Bangladeshi outfit SR Shipping, which is a subsidiary of Chattogram-based Kabir Steel and Rerolling Mill Group (KSRM). According to media reports, there were 23 members in this boat. It was told that the crew members are safe inside the cabin of the ship while the pirates have taken control of the ship.

KSRM media advisor Mijabul Islam said the crew members were taken hostage by pirates but were safe inside the cabin. Bangladesh Merchant Marine Officers Association president Captain Anam Chowdhury said the crew had sent a WhatsApp message asking for help, adding that they were locked inside the cabin with pirates, along with heavy weapons and ammunition.

Response to piracy attack

At the same time, the warships and LRMP deployed in the mission of the Indian Navy have responded to the piracy attack. Upon receiving information from the Army, LRMP was immediately deployed and upon locating the MV on the evening of 12 March, attempts were made to establish communication to ascertain the position of the ship's crew members. However, no response was received from the ship.