Joe Biden: Reaching Vietnam, US President Biden gave a big statement regarding China, will meet Jinping soon


After attending the G20 summit in India, US President Joe Biden has reached Vietnam on his next visit. Where he will be on a tour for a whole day. During his visit, Joe Biden addressed a press conference in Hanoi, Vietnam. Where he expressed his views openly on the relations between America and China.


During this, while talking to the media, Biden said, I hope to meet Chinese President Xi Jinping soon. I have spent more time with him than any other world leader, he added, adding that America does not want to hurt China and we are not here to break away from Beijing.


Let us tell you that Vietnam also shares its borders with China. In such a situation, many meanings are being drawn from this visit of US President Joe Biden, but the US President has tried to reduce the tension by reaching here. Earlier, while starting his visit to Vietnam, Joe Biden said that both the countries are important partners of each other at an important time. 

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