Joe Biden Dementia Symptoms: US President Joe Biden is suffering from the mental illness dementia


According to international media, soon the Democrats are going to elect Kamala Harris as the new President of America in place of Joe Biden . The reason behind this is Joe Biden's deteriorating mental health. According to the report, the President of America is suffering from a disease called dementia, due to which he speaks wrong facts in his speech and falls asleep many times during it. 


What is dementia? Basically it is not a disease. Rather it is a mental condition in which the ability to think, understand and make decisions starts deteriorating. Alzheimer's is a type of dementia. Its risk is highest in older people. Let us know what are the causes, symptoms and treatment measures of dementia-

The number of dementia patients is constantly increasing

According to the CDC, as of 2014, approximately 5.0 million people age 65 and older had dementia. This number is projected to increase to approximately 14 million dementia cases by 2060.

What causes dementia?

According to the Mayo Clinic , dementia is caused by damage or loss of nerve cells and their connections in the brain. Its symptoms depend on the part of the brain that is damaged. Therefore, dementia can affect people differently. This brain nerve damage can be caused by an injury or a chronic medical condition like BP, cholesterol, sugar. 

Signs of Dementia

Getting lost easily

Using unusual words

Forgetting a person's name and memories 

Not being able to complete tasks

Forgetting normal things like eating, chewing, dressing etc.

Not being able to make quick decisions

How is dementia treated

Treatment for dementia depends on the underlying cause. Like Alzheimer's disease, there is no cure for neurodegenerative dementia, although there are medications that can help protect the brain or manage symptoms such as anxiety or behaviour changes. Leading a healthy lifestyle, including regular exercise, healthy eating and maintaining social connections, reduces the chances of developing chronic diseases and may reduce the number of people with dementia