Jinping-Biden talked after 5 months, Chinese President gave this warning to Taiwan


The enmity between America and China is not hidden from anyone. Both the countries are bitter rivals of each other. America has banned many Chinese companies. But given the increasing crisis around the world, the Presidents of both countries have started talking once again. On Tuesday, President Joe Biden and Xi Jinping talked to each other over the phone on many issues. This conversation between the two leaders took place after 5 months. Earlier in November, both the leaders had talked.

The White House has described the one-hour and 45-minute conversation between the two leaders as 'candid and constructive' on many issues. The White House said Biden stressed the need to maintain 'peace and stability' in the Taiwan Strait. Apart from this, Biden has also expressed concern over China's support for the Russian defence industry. The President of China has also urged America to stay away from the Taiwan issue. Both counterparts also discussed the Russia-Ukraine war and the Gaza war.

The long-running tension between the two countries was also clearly visible in the talks held on Tuesday in which Xi described the questions of sovereignty in Taiwan as a 'red line' that America should not cross. This talk between the two leaders is the result of diplomatic efforts that have been going on for several days, in which US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is going to visit China this week and Secretary of State Antony Blinken may also visit China in the coming weeks.