Israel's rapid attack in Rafah, 37 people killed so far


Israel says that it is carrying out a limited operation in eastern Rafah near the Gaza-Egypt border. However, residents said that there was heavy bombing in the western parts of Rafah overnight. According to the Palestinian Civil Defense and the Palestinian Red Crescent, a total of several people were killed in the Tel al-Sultan area of ​​​​northwestern Rafah in the attacks carried out at night.

A house in ruins after the attack by Israel in Rafah

At least 37 people have died in the attack on the city of Rafah by Israel. This attack was carried out by Israel on Monday night and Tuesday night. Rafah is the area where a camp of displaced Palestinians caught fire a few days ago. The Israeli army has said that the fire that broke out in the displaced camp on Sunday may have been caused by other explosions from weapons fired by Palestinian terrorists.

According to a PTI report, Israel's initial investigation report regarding the fire incident was released on Tuesday. Army spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagar said that the cause of the fire is still being investigated, but the attack targeting two senior Hamas terrorists is unlikely to have caused the fire because very small weapons were used during this time.

45 people died in the fire incident

According to Gaza health officials, 45 people died in the fire incident. Locals said that the fighting has intensified in southern Gaza City. 1 million people fled from Rafah since the start of the attack by Israel in May, most of whom have already been displaced due to the war between Israel and Hamas and are taking refuge in camps in war-torn areas.

Warning against full-fledged attack in Rafah

The US and other allies of Israel have warned against a full-fledged attack in Rafah. US President Joe Biden's administration has said that doing so would be crossing the line and refused to provide weapons for such an attack. The International Court of Justice on Friday asked Israel to stop the attack on Rafah. However, it has no power to enforce its order.

Israeli military personnel will go to Rafah

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed to move forward and said that his military personnel will go to Rafah to eliminate Hamas and free those held hostage after the October 7 attack. The new attack has been carried out in the same area where an alleged Hamas compound was targeted on Sunday night. According to local health officials, that attack set a camp of displaced Palestinians on fire, killing at least 45 people. Anger was seen around the world over this.