Israel is carrying out AI airstrikes in Gaza, UN's statement creates panic


During the ongoing war in Gaza for the last six months, Israel has been extensively using artificial intelligence to gather information about its enemies and based on that, select targets and destroy them. According to people associated with Israeli security, Israel has developed an AI system named Gospel.

Through the Gospel system, targets are selected based on information available through digital data, drone footage, satellite images, call records, social media and other means. Through AI technology, it is possible to select up to 100 targets in a day, which is generally impossible for any army. Apart from this, Israel has Lavender and other AI programs which the army is using on the battlefield.

The book written by the Chief of Israel's most mysterious and powerful intelligence unit – 8200 is in the news these days. This book written by the name The Human Machine Team explains in detail about Artificial Intelligence in war. Although the Israeli Intelligence Chief wrote this book in the year 2021, everyone's attention was drawn towards it after the use of AI by the Israeli Army.

As a writer, he took his name as Brigadier General Y.S. It is said that it is the abbreviation of his real name i.e. initial letter. According to the Israeli Intelligence Chief, the AI ​​machine selecting the target also keeps in its data which person is repeatedly changing his mobile phone or handset or phone number, who is repeatedly changing his location or address. 

If any suspicious person is connected to a WhatsApp group then he can be a potential target. The Israeli Defense Force argues that even though the AI ​​system selects the target, the final decision is taken only by senior military officers. In recent days, after the killing of activists associated with international organizations in the Israeli bombing, questions have been raised all over the world on the entire strategy and decisions of the IDF.