Israel-Iran War: Israel took the help of the country which Iran considers a threat, to attack it.


Israel retaliated on the morning of 19 April by targeting 9 places in Iran. The main target of this attack was Isfahan City of Iran, which is Iran's nuclear center, although Israel's objective failed. But after the attack, a question is being raised among the people from where Israel attacked Iran.

The people of Isfahan, Iran's nuclear base city, woke up with a loud explosion at around 5.45 am on Friday. This was Israel's missile attack on Isfahan, the sound of the explosion went many miles away and the lights flashed on the skyline of Isfahan. Now major counterattacks by Iran on Israel are certain. This conflict can turn into a world war.

Israel targeted Isfahan mainly because Iran's nuclear center is in Isfahan. Israel wanted to cause nuclear destruction by attacking Isfahan. Uranium enrichment work is going on at this nuclear center to make atomic bombs. However, the report said that no missile fell on this nuclear center of Isfahan, but all the attacks took place on the Isfahan military base. Military vehicles and military equipment are visible in this base of Iran. It is believed that Iran has suffered huge losses in this attack.

9 places in Iran were targeted

According to the report, Israel did not target only the Iranian city of Isfahan, while along with Isfahan, Iran's capital Tehran, the nuclear base city of Fardo, missile launch pad Arak, Kharg Island, Bushehr, Bandar Abbas were attacked. Have been done. Along with this, drone warehouses in Shiraz and Tabriz cities have been targeted.

Where did Israel attack from?

Israel started attacks on Iran on the morning of 19 April and these attacks stopped after some time. The question is that from where the attacks were carried out, there are two types of speculations about it.

The first speculation is that Israel has used Azerbaijan's land to attack Iran. It is believed that a secret deal has been made between Mossad and the Azerbaijan government. After this, there is a possibility that Azerbaijan provided its airspace and land to Israel. In fact, due to its proximity to the border, it is easy to attack Iran from Azerbaijan. Due to bad relations, Iran already considers Azerbaijan as a threat to itself.

The second estimate is that Israel has carried out drone attacks from the Kurdistan region inside Iran. Kurdistan is a troubled region of Iran. From here, Kurdish rebels continue waging a war against the government. These rebels keep attacking the Iranian army. It is believed that Israel has carried out the attacks through rebels.

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