Israel Hamas War: Israel army is short of ammunition, how will Hamas-Hezbollah be destroyed now?


Israel Hamas War: The IDF wants to halt the war in Gaza for some time so that it can get a chance to replenish its arms supplies. According to reports, the Israeli army is facing a severe shortage of ammunition.

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The Israeli army has been fighting in Gaza for the last eight months. The IDF (Israel Defense Force) Gaza operation, which was started with the aim of bringing back Israeli hostages and eliminating Hamas, has killed about 40 thousand Palestinians. Despite such a huge human loss, the Israeli army has neither been able to bring back its hostages from Gaza nor has it been able to completely eliminate Hamas. Now a situation of war has arisen with Hezbollah on the northern border of the country as well.

The Israeli army is facing criticism domestically and internationally for the humanitarian crisis and failure to return all the hostages. A recent report has claimed that the Israeli army is facing severe shortage of ammunition and cannot continue the war for long.

Army wants ceasefire

According to reports, the Israeli army wants a ceasefire. The IDF now wants the war to be stopped for some time so that it can get a chance to replenish its arms supply. On the other hand, the Israeli PM is claiming that they are in the last phase of the Gaza war and soon Hamas will be completely destroyed.

On the other hand, Prime Minister Netanyahu also wants to start a war with Hezbollah on the Lebanon border and the army is not ready for this. Differences between Netanyahu and army officials seem to be increasing. Due to which the army may become weak on the war front.

Gaza War

After Hamas' attack on Israel on 7 October, IDF started ground operation by bombing Gaza. In this attack by Hamas, 1200 Israeli citizens lost their lives and about 250 people were kidnapped by Hamas fighters and taken to Gaza. Since then, the Israeli army has killed about 40 thousand people in Gaza.

Most of the dead are children and women. About 70 percent of Gaza's infrastructure has been turned into rubble due to Israeli bombing and people are facing a lot of difficulties even for basic facilities.