Israel-Hamas war: Israel and America will now bear the brunt of Hamas, they are going to do this work together


No one knows what stage the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas terrorists will reach. But Qatar is engaged in mediating this war. Israel can impose a 3-day ceasefire if Hamas releases 50 hostages. But now the news is that America and Israel have refused this agreement.

According to media reports, both the countries have said that till now they have not been able to reach any agreement to release the hostages but they are making continuous efforts. If reports are to be believed, it was claimed in an American newspaper on Sunday that America and Israel have made a temporary agreement with Hamas regarding the release of hostages.

However, America and Israel have denied this agreement. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, there have been false reports in the media in recent days regarding some agreements to release the hostages. He said, if there is any agreement, we will present it to the Israeli people.

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