Israel had full information about Hamas attack, big revelation in new report


Israeli army's air strikes are continuing in Gaza. So far more than 37 thousand Palestinians have lost their lives. On one hand, Israeli action regarding the Hamas attack of 7 October is not stopping, while on the other hand another report is a topic of discussion all over the world. In the report, on the basis of some documents, it has been claimed that some senior officers of the Israeli army already had intelligence information about the Hamas attack.

Benjamin Netanyahu

The Israel-Hamas war has also started dragging on like the Russia-Ukraine war. That is, every day some news comes about this war, but there seems to be no concrete thing about ceasefire, release of hostages and humanitarian aid. Meanwhile, an Israeli television channel has made shocking claims in its report. According to this report, before the Hamas attack on 7 October, the Israeli army had received a document about this. This document not only mentioned a large-scale attack but also raised the possibility of people being taken hostage.

According to the report, the Israeli military's 8200 Intelligence Unit released the document on September 19. This document was also brought to the notice of senior Israeli officials but the report was ignored. According to Israel's Kan public broadcaster, the intelligence report even said that a total of 200 to 250 people would be taken hostage. And the interesting thing was that when Hamas attacked Israel on October 7, only 251 people were taken hostage. 1200 Israeli people lost their lives in this attack. Most of them were common people.

Solid information was ignored

Kan public broadcaster is not the only Israeli media agency to publish this report. Some other Hebrew language media institutions have also published similar reports. And the Israeli Defense Department has said that it has inputs about the attack. The Israeli Defense Department was even aware of how Hamas would target Israeli cities and military bases and take soldiers and people hostage. In this way, despite having minute-by-minute information about the attack, the Israeli army did not take any concrete steps and ignored the concrete reports related to the attack.

What did the Israeli army say on the report?

The Israeli army has made some comments after this report was published in the media. The army has denied having any prior information about the attack. However, the IDF has definitely said that it is constantly engaged in investigation to find out the shortcomings and whatever information comes out, it will be put before the people frankly. The Israeli army has continuously tightened its security system with time. Even in Gaza, there is a presence of Israeli army security personnel, large scale cameras, high tech sensors. Still, Hamas's intrusion on Israeli land is shocking for many people.

Current situation of Israel-Hamas war
The current situation in Gaza is that Israeli attacks are continuing here. At the same time, in domestic politics, opposition to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is increasing continuously. The families of the hostages are protesting for their release and they are openly criticizing the strategy of the Netanyahu government so far regarding this war. So far, more than 37 thousand people have lost their lives in Israel's attack on Gaza. More than 85 thousand people are injured. 10 thousand people are reported missing. 548 people have also lost their lives in the West Bank area, among which a large number are children.