Israel-Gaza War Ceasefire Update: Will the Israel-Hamas war end now? After the efforts of three countries, an important announcement can be made today


Israel-Gaza War Ceasefire Update: Ceasefire talks continue between Israel and Hamas amid the threat of Israel's attack on Rafah. A Hamas delegation is going to Egypt to respond to Israel's proposal for a ceasefire. It is hoped that this effort will bear fruit.

Ismail Haniya and PM Netanyahu

Amidst Israel's preparations for an attack on Rafah, once again there is hope of stopping the Gaza war. A Hamas delegation will reach Egypt on Monday to present its stand on Israel's ceasefire proposal. On the other hand, the White House said that Israel has agreed to consult America before taking any action on Rafah.

These ongoing talks being mediated by Qatar, Egypt, and America are considered the last chance for a ceasefire. Even before this, there have been meetings between Israel and Hamas for a ceasefire 6-7 times. But all the meetings remained inconclusive. Now the eyes of the whole world are fixed on Hamas's response to the proposal.

Preparations for attack in Rafah

After the start of the war, more than one million Palestinians fled to Rafah, a city bordering Egypt, as much of northern and central Gaza was reduced to rubble due to Israeli military bombardment. The Israeli army is now planning to attack Rafah as well, which has created a global concern.

Hamas is also preparing

Israel says that we have driven out Hamas from areas towards Gaza and its fighters are now present in Rafah. Former Israeli army officer Major General Israel Ziv said on April 26 that Hamas's Qassam Brigade was preparing an ambush to confront Israeli forces in Rafah. He further said that this attack could prove to be very dangerous for the Israeli Army.

Israel Hamas war

All hopes of stopping the Israel-Hamas war are vanishing. So far, about 38 thousand people have been killed from both sides in this war. According to Israeli media, the Hamas attack on October 7 has killed about 1200 people. Apart from this, more than 35 thousand people have died due to Israeli action in Gaza.

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